What’s up, loves? Doing anything fun for the Super Bowl this weekend? We’re having neighbors over, which gives us an even better excuse to make a ton of food. The hubs wanted to make an Italian sub sandwich, but I said it can’t just be the two of us if we do that!! Hence, neighbors coming over. One thing we will be reprising from last year is my Loaded Steak Nachos recipe. It was a huge hit both on the blog and at Rich’s parents’ party last year. I think it may be my most shared recipe ever. I loved seeing all of the photos you guys posted of you making them!

As you know, I’m not into football at all. I actually think the issues with brain damage are a huge problem. But I’m really interested to see what the commercials will be like this year in a #MeToo, 1-year-of-President-Trump environment. I wonder if they’ll empower women as much as I’m hoping (and do it with a sense of humor). One thing I’m 95% sure of is that there will be plenty of talking animals and babies. Because people love both of those things.

Snag the recipe for the Loaded Steak Nachos here.

Guarantee you won’t regret making it! Unless you’re vegan….


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