Everyone wants a life well lived, whether it’s decorating your home, dressing on trend, eating delicious food, taking part in your city’s culture or progressing the rights of women. That’s exactly why lifestyle urbanite Rachel Joyce launched You Must Love Life, a sister site to her original blog You Must Love Food.

Everything YMLL covers is told from a female POV. Women are no longer just something to objectify, but a driver of a new culturally rich lifestyle, and YMLL is all about spreading that across the world. From city-chic street style & beauty tips to recipes & ways to empower other women, this is the go-to spot for any badass lady looking to bring some cool vibes into her life.


Oh hayyyy, I’m Rachel! Since moving from a small town in Illinois to NYC ten years ago, I’ve worked in the interior design, food and fashion industries, discovering some amazing things along the journey to today. I’m all about expressing myself through feminism, cooking, personal style, home decorating and living well, but in a totally approachable way (I like to call myself the Roseanne Barr of Martha Stewarts). I’m colorful, have a bad mouth, and am all about body positivity and embracing the female form. My thinking is, we can be real and flawed human beings while still adding sparkle to our world! Let’s love this thing called life together, whatever it is.


Sister Site: You Must Love Food

Instagram: @youmustlovelife

Facebook: @youmustlovelife85

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